Cookies and Cocoa

What a busy week at ONE Arts Community School Colchester!

On Monday in YT Teddy’s parents (Meredith and Brian) came into the class to help the children kick off cookie week with Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie!

On Tuesday school was packed with families helping make a variety of cookies! In OT Vivian’s parents (Ben and Amanda) made Vegan Sugar Cookies!

In Preschool Mima came in to visit and and helped friends make Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Then Mima went to YT to visit and helped the friends make Peanut Butter Cookies!

In the afternoon Soren’s Mom (Kerri-Ann) helped YT make Molasses Spice Cookies!

On Wedensday Pippa’s Nana (Amy) helped OT roll out Gingerbread Cookie Dough and the kids used cookies cutters and sprinkles before baking them.

Shannon spent time on Wedensday helping her children Alice and Quinn and all of the Preschool friends make Rugelach!

Then Thursday right before the cookie party Annabel’s Dad (Alex) made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with the YT friends that were warm and fresh when we kicked of our cookie party!

Once all of the cookies were made we set up the gross motor space with tables of cookies, candies and frosting to decorate, and of course Hot Chocolate! Thank you to all those who came to help bake, donated supplies, and who joined us for the celebration!

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