Nap Time gets more colorful! School Wide Tie-Dye project

Keeping track of 35 children’s nap items can be quite the challenge. Last week we received a package full of canvas bags for each child to store their sheets and blankets. Now, we could not stop there with plain bags, so the children got to work making each one a work of art! We mixed up our tie-dye and let the children go wild.

In our Young Toddler room, the teachers put the rubber bands on the bags for the toddlers and the children got to pick out all of the different colors they wanted to use. Then they shook and squeezed the bottles of dye onto the different sections of fabric. (Surprisingly: not as messy as you would imagine!)

The Older Toddlers tie-dyed their bags during a week when they were learning about colors. This activity gave them a chance to learn about mixing colors, and to discover that the different shades of colors depended on how much dye was used.

In our preschool room, we gave the children complete creative freedom. They used rubber bands to tie up their bags however they wanted to create different sections to color. Once they had finished with the rubber bands, they picked out colors from the table full of tie dye bottles. With a teacher’s guidance, they squeezed the color onto the different sections to create their desired patterns.

The end results were each so unique and amazing, and now every child has a place to keep their blankets and sheets for nap!

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