A Leprechaun Visit ONE Arts


Did you know that leprechauns are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to meet? What are leprechauns, you ask? They are teeny tiny Irish fairies. They usually wear a green hat upon their head with a green coat and, of course, gold buckles on their boots. They absolutely LOVE gold and are always up to no good to find it!

After learning the legend of Lucky the Leprechaun, our Preschool class set out to trick and trap this tiny fairy. First, they painted rocks with gold and yellow paint and then they worked together to build mazes and different contraptions, in the hopes that the Leprechaun might get stuck exploring one of their creations.

That night, it seems that the tiny trickster fairy came to explore our preschool classroom, leaving a trail of green footprints! They even used our toilets. When our Preschoolers came to school the next day, they found the classroom trashed and footprints all over. Following the trail of Lucky the Leprechaun, they found gold coins in the place of their rocks, as well as lots of treats! What a magical day it was.

Setting up for Lucky. Will we catch them?

What happened at school that night?

What our preschoolers found the next morning!

Better luck next year Preschool!

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