Colchester’s First Annual Art Show

Thursday, June 16th was the last day of our first official “school year”! To celebrate this milestone, we had an art show upstairs in the church that showcased beautiful creations made by all of our students. Each class had several pieces on display, demonstrating a wide range of artistic techniques and celebrating the creativity of our children. Projects included finger and foot paintings by the infants, wildflower collages by the Young Toddlers, watercolor rainbows by the Older Toddlers, mixed media self-portraits by the preschoolers, and much more! The students were so proud to see their work on display and to share their art with their loved ones.

We also held our first silent auction. Each class worked together to collaboratively create a large canvas piece of art. These pieces included a color blocked piece made by the infants, an Eric Carle inspired collage from the Young Toddlers, a Starry Night inspired painting from the Older Toddlers, and abstract art made by the Preschoolers with rolling marbles. These pieces were auctioned off to raise money for our scholarship fund. Many thanks to all of the families who helped support our fundraising efforts.

There was pizza and ice cream sundaes, of course, because what’s an end-of-year celebration without food?! The mood was joyful and festive, with lots of conversation and laughter filling the room. It was heartwarming to look around and see the beautiful community that has formed in less than one year. We are so grateful for all of the children, families and staff who make up our school.

Preschool Artwork

Silent Auction

Older Toddler Artwork

Young Toddler Artwork

Infant Artwork

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