Celebrating our First Preschool Graduates!

We are proud to announce that the first class of preschoolers has graduated from ONE Arts Colchester! On the final day of summer programming, the preschool teachers prepared a very special celebration to recognize these trailblazing students and wish them well in kindergarten.

There was much excitement in the air as graduation grew near. Younger preschool students, children from the toddler classes, teachers, parents, siblings, and grandparents were in attendance and waited eagerly outside to see the procession. The four graduates proudly marched outside to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance, wearing graduation caps and colorful floral leis. They took turns crossing the stage, to much applause, to receive their diplomas and hug their teachers. Each child shared where they would be attending kindergarten, and then excitedly tossed their caps in the air!

As if on cue, thunder began to rumble and rain began to fall, and the rest of the celebration was brought inside. Each graduating student was gifted a beautiful handmade scrapbook with photos from their year at ONE Arts, as well as a carefully selected storybook signed with special notes from their teachers. They were also each presented with an incredibly unique and delicious gift-a homemade cake decorated to reflect their interests! From unicorns, birds, and sea turtles to Goldfish crackers and sunglasses, each edible work of art was a magnificent reflection of these four students, and of the love and dedication of their teachers.

Congratulations, Adriana, Alice, Benny, and Quinn! We are so proud of you!

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