Smiling Faces, Exciting Places!

This month at Burlington we have welcomed many new students and staff! Our preschool room in particular has tripled in size and we are so excited to learn about our new students and watch them grow!

Amir is learning to use a screwdriver!

This week in the preschool we have been exploring what it means to be a family! The preschoolers have been working hard on their family wall, and we have been writing letters and making art for our families when we miss them. During circle time, we have talked about who in your family you might look like, and who in your family you look different from! We have read “Love Makes a Family,” and “Laxmi’s Mooch,” and talked about all the way our bodies are different.

The infants have enjoyed some new sensory toys including a beautiful soft scarf, some new play mats and a tent! Language development has exploded and we talk a lot about what is (and is not) a hat.

The toddlers have had a few exciting excursions outside, and returned with many things to play with in our sensory area including pinecones and dried flowers. We’ve also welcomed our social work student Caitlin this week, who has spent time in the toddler room learning all the dances and songs we use to greet each other!

Please give our new preschool staff, Hailey and Michael, our new director Melanie, and our social work student Caitlin a warm welcome when you see them! We are so excited to have such wonderful educators join our school community.

Zainab and Miles learn what makes a family!

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