Fall is Here, Ring the Bell!

Our Burlington students have been enjoying the fall and all that comes with it–new colors, new smells, and a little chill in the air!

This week in the preschool we have been going on adventures and learning about colors and textures in nature. We splash in puddles and talk about what makes things wet, and collect leaves and talk about what those leaves look like. For example, Justeeno thinks yellow beech leaves look like bananas! We have also really enjoyed pretending to be pancakes and running away before our teachers “eat” us!

Amir, Excellente, Justeeno, and Levi enjoy sun butter and jelly sandwiches with oranges and cucumbers.

The infants are getting smarter and stronger every day. Tummy time, snuggles and lunchtime continue to be big hits, and some of our older students are even learning to help our younger students when they drop a toy or water bottle!

Infant Teacher Fayth and Zainab enjoy some floor snuggle time

The toddlers are reading lots of books and playing “doctor” and “veterinarian” with our medical toys. They have also visited the Old North End farmer’s market and got to try out some locally grown peppers!

Violet, Isla and Wilder read books on our toddler couch

We are also looking forward to learning new songs in new languages–so far, one of our students likes to sing us songs about colors in Pashto, we love to listen to Indigenous American Ojibwa/Cayuga band A Tribe Called Red during our morning dance time, and Frere Jacques is a perennial favorite.

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