ONE Arts Goes Apple Picking!

On Monday, October 17th the children of ONE Arts Community School in Colchester went on their very first school field trip. To prepare for this trip the children all got a chance to decorate a white t-shirt to wear over their coats so that all of the children on the trip matched and could be spotted among the trees. Thanks to a larger number of amazingly patient parent chaperons (and a few well placed minivans) we took 22 children (toddlers and preschoolers) apple picking at Adams Apple Orchard in Williston Vermont. 

The children had lots of fun exploring the muddy orchard and picking apples from the lower branches. When aiming to pick from the taller branches children got a lift from the adults! While running through the orchard and stomping in muddy puddles, the children all got to sample the different kinds of apples, only putting the best into their bags to take back to school. 

Back at school we had so many apples, but plenty of ideas! The young toddlers have already helped make applesauce and the preschoolers made Dutch Apple Bread. I think our first field trip was a success and can’t wait to see what we do next! 

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