A warm start to December

We are in the last month of 2022 and we are keeping busy in all of our classrooms. Here are some highlights from the first week of December.

Last week our toddlers created a new batch of playdough. The children took turns adding the different ingredients to a large mixing bowl. They mixed it all together and then got the chance to explore the texture of fresh playdough.

With the winter months now being upon us, our older toddlers have become very curious about snow and the colder weather (even if there is no snow on the ground). To start off we created an igloo out of cardboard boxes. This allowed them to play and explore how other places around the world may deal with snow and the winter months. Our play igloo allowed the toddlers to use their imagination. After reading and looking through pictures of real life igloos we decided it was time to make some of our own. With the use of watercolors they each created beautiful art by dipping their paintbrush onto their igloos!

Preschool’s Stick Season Adventure

Last week our preschool explorers were very busy beavers! After learning about what happens in the forest during the winter time we decided to see for ourselves what the woods might look like during Vermont’s famous “Stick Season”. First, our explorers worked hard to decorate their own binoculars so that they would be ready to look at the wildlife during our walk. Once all bundled and protected from the mud and thorns, we began our journey into the woods, walking along our special preschool-created path that our 2021/2022 friends helped to make.

After going over some very important trail safety rules, we were ready to embark on our great adventure! We stomped into the forest, crossing the muddy creek, over the log, and through the cattail meadow. We noticed that there were no leaves on the trees and almost everything we saw was brown or gray. We were lucky enough to see some birds’ nests in the trees and we waved hello. We kept on walking and eventually made it to a pine covered clearing that we decided was the perfect place to create our special preschool hideout. Friends got busy collecting sticks and branches and with the help of Ms. Julia and Ms. Bella a fort was created in no time! We even got to settle down in our special hideout to listen to a story about all of the magical things we can find in the forest. As a reward for our hard work friends all got a special treat– two chocolate chips, one for each hand!

We can’t wait for our next adventure and come spring, we are looking forward to turning our special preschool hideout into an outdoor classroom space. 

I can’t wait to see what else our teachers come up with this month!

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