Cookies, Community, and Cocoa!

For the second year in a row, we got ready for the winter break with a week of cookie baking all leading up to a celebration with staff, students, and families. During the week families volunteered their time to come into the classroom to bake cookies with their children’s classes. Some families who did not have time to come in baked cookies with their children at home and sent them in for the party! Then on Thursday, December 22nd, we had a school-wide pajama day leading up to a cookie decorating shindig with hot chocolate! Below are some photos of the different classes helping to make cookies and the families that volunteered their time.

Aurelio’s parents, Carmen and Mark, came in to help the Young Toddlers make chocolate chip cookies! The children poured in the ingredients and mixed them all together. Of course, they got to sample the chocolate chips before adding them to the bowl. Then they helped shape the cookies and sampled the finished product to make sure they were ready for the party.

Later in the week, the Young Toddlers decided to tackle making brownie bites. They poured the ingredients into the bowl, and the floor, before adding sprinkles and stirring it all together.

Bonnie, Laci, and all of the Older Toddler friends made sugar cookies as a class mixing all the ingredients together to form the dough. The best part was using the cookie cutters to make all the different shapes. And of course, sampling the dough (hooray for flax eggs).

Maggie’s mom, Abbey, came in to make their magic bars with the preschoolers. This was so much fun. The children got to sprinkle all of the ingredients layering them up on the tray. They really liked adding the coconut which they thought looked like falling snow as they sprinkled it on top.

Preschool started off the week with Liam’s mom, Kelly, and little brother, Noah, coming to make sugar cookies with the class. They took turns adding ingredients and cracking the eggs we needed. Once it was mixed together they rolled it out to cut out the cookies.

Annabel’s dad, Alex, came in to make two different types of cookies one afternoon during the week. The kitchen smelled amazing and was a busy place as the preschoolers helped mix the dough and make the cookies.

Then, of course, pictures from the celebration itself! It was an amazing time to see all of the families, and siblings coming in to spend time at school and talk to teachers and other parents. It was a great event to celebrate the community that we love here at ONE Arts Colchester. Check out the amazing PJs and frosting-covered faces!

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