Mud Season = Mud Kitchen (Getting Messy at ONE Arts)

The snow is melting and the playground is turning muddy! That means a longer time playing outside and the introduction of our mud kitchen. A mud kitchen is a chance for children to get messy in open-ended play. You can see the children working on early math skills as they scoop and measure. They are building on their social skills as they make mud food for their friends. A mud kitchen is a chance for the children to engage in sensory play and let their imaginations run wild. Take a look at all the fun being had!

If you have old kitchen tools we are always looking for donations to add to our outdoor mud kitchen. Things like large bowls, measuring cups/scoops, cookie trays, muffin tins, large spoons, etc.

Please remember to send extra clothes as we move into mud season. Children will continue to wear snow or rain suits if they have them but we will not be stopping them from getting messy if they don’t.

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