Visiting Artist Workshop: Dance!

Our Colchester school was treated to a special event this Monday: a dance workshop from visiting artist (and longtime friend of ONE Arts) Anna Shogren! It was a beautiful, not-too-hot July morning, and our school gathered outside in the field to dance together in the sunshine and fresh air. While the workshop was intended primarilyContinue reading “Visiting Artist Workshop: Dance!”

Colchester’s First Annual Art Show

Thursday, June 16th was the last day of our first official “school year”! To celebrate this milestone, we had an art show upstairs in the church that showcased beautiful creations made by all of our students. Each class had several pieces on display, demonstrating a wide range of artistic techniques and celebrating the creativity ofContinue reading “Colchester’s First Annual Art Show”

A Leprechaun Visit ONE Arts

THE LEPRECHAUN LEGEND of ONE ARTS Did you know that leprechauns are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to meet? What are leprechauns, you ask? They are teeny tiny Irish fairies. They usually wear a green hat upon their head with a green coat and, of course, gold buckles on their boots. They absolutely LOVE gold and are alwaysContinue reading “A Leprechaun Visit ONE Arts”

Nap Time gets more colorful! School Wide Tie-Dye project

Keeping track of 35 children’s nap items can be quite the challenge. Last week we received a package full of canvas bags for each child to store their sheets and blankets. Now, we could not stop there with plain bags, so the children got to work making each one a work of art! We mixedContinue reading “Nap Time gets more colorful! School Wide Tie-Dye project”