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Starting August off Strong

Combining Literacy and Art at Colchester Our Infants have been reading and looking at the book Mix It Up! by Hervé Tullet. Then their teachers set up paint and paper for the children to explore color mixing just like in the book. They used their hands, paintbrushes, and even their feet. The paper and their…

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Sprouting at ONE Arts

This summer at ONE Arts Community School in Colchester we got a late start on our garden. We started the summer off by planting tomato sprouts. The children helped Shannon dig holes in the soil to place the plants and then cover them back up. They then used watering cans to water the plants. The…

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Staying Cool at ONE Arts: Summer Camp @ Colchester!

The temperatures have been high these past few summer weeks, and the teachers and children of ONE Arts: Colchester have come up with many fun and creative ways to beat the heat. Here are just a few examples! Splash Pads and Kiddie Pools Once everyone is sunscreened and changed into their swim attire, the hose…

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Visiting Artist Workshop: Dance!

Our Colchester school was treated to a special event this Monday: a dance workshop from visiting artist (and longtime friend of ONE Arts) Anna Shogren! It was a beautiful, not-too-hot July morning, and our school gathered outside in the field to dance together in the sunshine and fresh air. While the workshop was intended primarily…

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Colchester’s First Annual Art Show

Thursday, June 16th was the last day of our first official “school year”! To celebrate this milestone, we had an art show upstairs in the church that showcased beautiful creations made by all of our students. Each class had several pieces on display, demonstrating a wide range of artistic techniques and celebrating the creativity of…

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