A Leprechaun Visit ONE Arts


Did you know that leprechauns are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to meet? What are leprechauns, you ask? They are teeny tiny Irish fairies. They usually wear a green hat upon their head with a green coat and, of course, gold buckles on their boots. They absolutely LOVE gold and are always up to no good to find it!

After learning the legend of Lucky the Leprechaun, our Preschool class set out to trick and trap this tiny fairy. First, they painted rocks with gold and yellow paint and then they worked together to build mazes and different contraptions, in the hopes that the Leprechaun might get stuck exploring one of their creations.

That night, it seems that the tiny trickster fairy came to explore our preschool classroom, leaving a trail of green footprints! They even used our toilets. When our Preschoolers came to school the next day, they found the classroom trashed and footprints all over. Following the trail of Lucky the Leprechaun, they found gold coins in the place of their rocks, as well as lots of treats! What a magical day it was.

Setting up for Lucky. Will we catch them?

What happened at school that night?

What our preschoolers found the next morning!

Better luck next year Preschool!

Nap Time gets more colorful! School Wide Tie-Dye project

Keeping track of 35 children’s nap items can be quite the challenge. Last week we received a package full of canvas bags for each child to store their sheets and blankets. Now, we could not stop there with plain bags, so the children got to work making each one a work of art! We mixed up our tie-dye and let the children go wild.

In our Young Toddler room, the teachers put the rubber bands on the bags for the toddlers and the children got to pick out all of the different colors they wanted to use. Then they shook and squeezed the bottles of dye onto the different sections of fabric. (Surprisingly: not as messy as you would imagine!)

The Older Toddlers tie-dyed their bags during a week when they were learning about colors. This activity gave them a chance to learn about mixing colors, and to discover that the different shades of colors depended on how much dye was used.

In our preschool room, we gave the children complete creative freedom. They used rubber bands to tie up their bags however they wanted to create different sections to color. Once they had finished with the rubber bands, they picked out colors from the table full of tie dye bottles. With a teacher’s guidance, they squeezed the color onto the different sections to create their desired patterns.

The end results were each so unique and amazing, and now every child has a place to keep their blankets and sheets for nap!

Cookies and Cocoa

What a busy week at ONE Arts Community School Colchester!

On Monday in YT Teddy’s parents (Meredith and Brian) came into the class to help the children kick off cookie week with Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie!

On Tuesday school was packed with families helping make a variety of cookies! In OT Vivian’s parents (Ben and Amanda) made Vegan Sugar Cookies!

In Preschool Mima came in to visit and and helped friends make Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Then Mima went to YT to visit and helped the friends make Peanut Butter Cookies!

In the afternoon Soren’s Mom (Kerri-Ann) helped YT make Molasses Spice Cookies!

On Wedensday Pippa’s Nana (Amy) helped OT roll out Gingerbread Cookie Dough and the kids used cookies cutters and sprinkles before baking them.

Shannon spent time on Wedensday helping her children Alice and Quinn and all of the Preschool friends make Rugelach!

Then Thursday right before the cookie party Annabel’s Dad (Alex) made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with the YT friends that were warm and fresh when we kicked of our cookie party!

Once all of the cookies were made we set up the gross motor space with tables of cookies, candies and frosting to decorate, and of course Hot Chocolate! Thank you to all those who came to help bake, donated supplies, and who joined us for the celebration!

Pizza Tuesday!!!!

Today at ONE Arts Community School in Colchester we had a pizza day! Three of our classrooms spent time this morning making their own pizza dough and then decorating it with sauce and cheese. Pineapple is the preferred topping at this school! Take a look at all of our friends making the dough:

Adding the toppings:

And of course tasting the final product!

Here is the recipe that the classrooms used for the pizza dough:

Drag Queen Story Hour!

On Friday, November 5th we welcomed special quests into our school! Local Drag Queens Nikki Champagne and Emoji Nightmare came to read stories and sing songs with our friends at ONE Arts Community school.

First we learned a new song as well as some sign language to go with it and then Nikki and Emoji starting reading books. Some of the books they read were: Just Add Glitter By Angela DiTerlizzi, A Big Guy Took My Ball By Mo Willems, and Red: A Crayon Story By Michael Hall.

After finishing the book King & King By Linda De Haan, we moved into a crown making craft. Our friends used paint, beads, glitter, and glue to create magical crowns to take home with them.

Thank you Nikki and Emoji for coming to our school! We had so much fun!


Construction is mostly complete and we are raring to go. A few more hurdles to leap over but thanks to friends and allies in the neighborhood, we are jumping them left and right. Or maybe just knocking them down with the force of our inertia…

We are especially grateful to our friend and neighbor, Sabah Abbas, who used her artistic skills to create an absolutely beautiful entry way! We’re also looking forward to her joining our teaching team and filling our bellies with her delicious Iranian cooking. THANK YOU SABAH!!

Get in touch with Sarah if you want to come check out the space for yourself!

We are aiming to start our first class of students soon after the November break.

October and we’re rolling!

It has been a delightful 5 weeks here in Colchester. We’re learning about each other, our school, the natural world we’re part of. Slowly but surely we’re finding routines that fit us, friends to entertain us, and adventures that challenge us. We’ve been enjoying observing the season start to shift and exploring new talents. Thank you for joining us on this journey, we can’t wait to keep growing and exploring!