Staying Cool at ONE Arts: Summer Camp @ Colchester!

The temperatures have been high these past few summer weeks, and the teachers and children of ONE Arts: Colchester have come up with many fun and creative ways to beat the heat. Here are just a few examples! Splash Pads and Kiddie Pools Once everyone is sunscreened and changed into their swim attire, the hoseContinue reading “Staying Cool at ONE Arts: Summer Camp @ Colchester!”

Visiting Artist Workshop: Dance!

Our Colchester school was treated to a special event this Monday: a dance workshop from visiting artist (and longtime friend of ONE Arts) Anna Shogren! It was a beautiful, not-too-hot July morning, and our school gathered outside in the field to dance together in the sunshine and fresh air. While the workshop was intended primarilyContinue reading “Visiting Artist Workshop: Dance!”

October and we’re rolling!

It has been a delightful 5 weeks here in Colchester. We’re learning about each other, our school, the natural world we’re part of. Slowly but surely we’re finding routines that fit us, friends to entertain us, and adventures that challenge us. We’ve been enjoying observing the season start to shift and exploring new talents. ThankContinue reading “October and we’re rolling!”