Enrollment at Burlington


Since many families will have child care subsidies and Act 166, we will send out monthly invoices.

Deposit Policy:

If you are reserving a spot for the first time, please send a deposit equal to 2 weeks of tuition/copay (if you use subsidy) payable to ONE Arts Inc. to PO BOX 532 Burlington VT 05402 or via PayPal to info@oneartsvt.org.

The deposit is non-refundable, and will cover your last two weeks of enrollment costs.


Full time care without any subsidies is $375 a week for 5 days. Part time is $80 per day, with a minimum of 2 days per week. Without any assistance the monthly costs are:

Full time – 5 days$1,625
4 days$1,387
3 days$1040
2 days$693
Early Care from 8:00-8:30$20 a week

Hold The Space Policy:

If a space becomes available but you are not ready to use it, you may chose to stay on the waitlist or pay 50% tuition to ensure that spot until you are able to come.

Waitlist Policy:

There is no fee to be on the waitlist. As space becomes available, we will contact families in order of sign up.


8:30-8:45 am Drop off begins. During this time, doors between classrooms will be open and there will be open choice in the gross motor space for all students to engage in as well as quiet activities in the older classrooms.  

8:45 am Morning snack. This meal is provided by each family for their own child. At this time all classes will be with their own teachers in their own rooms to settle into the day.

9:00 am The class day begins. This begins with a morning circle during which time teachers and students may discuss curriculum topics, talk about important ideas and questions and is a general welcome to the day. Oftentimes classes will use this morning period to explore their curriculum topics more in depth, often outside. Groups may be found in the woods, in the garden, making art or baking mud cakes on the playground or engaging in special activities with guest teachers.

11:45 am Lunch. This meal is provided by the program and will be served community-style meaning that children serve themselves (with help as necessary) from communal dishes. Meals will be prepared with food grown in our garden whenever possible and we may forage for safe, edible plants to introduce to children. Please let us know if this is something you do not want your child to participate in. As we are able, classes may eat outside or in with other classes in the gross motor space.

12:30 pm Rest. Families should plan to bring in a mat sheet (crib sheets often work very well for this), a blanket, and a stuffy (if desired and if student is over 12 months). Students will be encouraged to rest on their mats and fall asleep if they need. Infants will be allowed to sleep whenever needed.

1:15 pm Afternoon activities. Those students who are sleeping will remain inside with supervision while those who are awake will further explore curriculum activities. This group will frequently be outside.

3:00 pm Afternoon snack. This meal is provided by the families with the exception of every Friday when families are encouraged to sign up to be responsible for bringing snack for their child’s classroom. This meal will frequently occur outside.

3:30 pm Closing circle. This is a time for each class to decompress and review their day together. Each student and teacher will have an opportunity to share something that made them happy, something they are grateful for, or something that was special from the day.

3:45 pm Pick up and Aftercare begin. At this time, classes are overseen by support staff, and students may have the opportunity to engage with other classrooms and choose activities based on interest.

4:30 pm Last pick up.

What to Pack

• 2 full changes of clothes (we will get wet and muddy!)

• Extra shoes or boots

• Snow and rain gear

• Sunscreen (or we can provide as needed for $5 annually)

• Nap items, sheet, blanket, stuffy (if child is over 12 months)

• Food – Parents of infants pack all milk, formula, and other foods for the day. Parents of toddlers and preschoolers pack morning and afternoon snacks.

• Water bottle – Every day. We will offer water refills from our faucet and will occasionally make teas with herbs from our garden. Please let us know if this is something you do not want your child to participate in.

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