We have blocks!

Children have the right to a high quality educational space where they feel loved, supported and heard. A place that will encourage them to develop a strong foundation by exploring the skills that will help them succeed as part of a community. This means play and lots of it. Open-ended, child-led. Activities that engage and motivate.

Staff have the right to a work place that motivates and supports them. One that recognizes their needs as needs of the program.

Families have the right to feel comfortable and trust that their children will be engaged and loved in their absence.

We are creating that space. A space we believe in and that the community can believe in.

Published by ONE Arts

We are educators and community builders. We offer after school art classes and camps at our ONE Arts Center for elementary school students and we also have 2 early learning programs for infants through PreK. Our programs ground themselves in a collaborative approach, seeking to engage on issues of social justice and radical acceptance. We are committed to building a community that is based on love and understanding, to bringing families together through art to explore themes of sustainability, compassion, and service to others.

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